Prof. Jennifer Fay

Jennifer Fay is Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Arts and English at Vanderbilt University. Her teaching and research interests are broadly concerned with the intersection of political culture and cinema. Her monograph Theaters of Occupation: Hollywood and the Reeducation of Postwar Germany offers a political theory of film in U.S. Occupied Germany. The book considers German and American film culture through the theatrical touchstone of occupation mimicry and the performative force of American liberalism. In addition, she co-edited a special issue of CR: The New Centennial Review on “The Cultures of Occupation”, which advances a research agenda of comparative occupation studies. Her co-written book on global film noir argues for a connection between this genre and the experience of foreign military occupation in Germany, France, and Japan.

Prof. Jennifer Fay's Publications

  • Film Noir: Hard-Boiled Modernity and The Cultures of Globalization
  • CR: New Centennial Review special issue on “The Cultures of Occupation” 8/1, 2008. (Co-edited with Salah Hassan)
  • “Rubble Noir.” In German Postwar Films: Life and Love in the Ruins
  • Theaters of Occupation: Hollywood and the Reeducation of Postwar Germany