Dr. Elaine Morley

Dr Elaine Morley joined King’s College, London in January 2014 as a European Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow on ‘Beyond Enemy Lines’ which investigates the cultural reconstruction of Germany after the Second World War. She has previously held positions as Associate Lecturer in German and Comparative literature at the University of Kent, Canterbury and as Lecturer in Comparative Literature (German and English) at Queen Mary, University of London where she convened the MA in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. Elaine holds degrees in Irish, German and Comparative literature (English and German). She is investigating the evolution of the idea of Europe, its connection to the concepts of cosmopolitanism, internationalism and transnationalism, and organisations (International PEN and UNESCO) and individuals whose work promotes these concepts, as well as British literary reflections on Europe and European culture.

Research Interests

  • Europe and European culture in twentieth century British writing
  • Anglo-German encounters, exchange and transfer
  • Theories of transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, culture transfer, post-colonialism
  • Comparative literature


  • Sven Hanuschek, ‘“Dwarf helicopters that land on bald heads”: Literary Nonsense in Canetti’, in The Worlds of Elias Canetti: Centenary Essays, ed. by William Collins Donahue & Julian Preece (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007)


  • Anne Peiter, Komik und Gewalt: Zur Literarischen Verarbeitung der beiden Weltkriege und der Shoah (Cologne: Böhlau, 2007), Modern Language Review, January 2009
  • Daniel Fass, Negotiating Political Identities (Surrey: Ashgate, 2010), Journal of Contemporary European Studies, December 2010
  • Iris Murdoch and Her Work: Critical Essays, ed. by Mustafa Krca and Şule Okuroğlu (Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2010), The Iris Murdoch Review, March 2011

Dr. Elaine Morley's Publications

  • ‘“Dwarf helicopters that land on bald heads”: Literary Nonsense in Canetti’, in The Worlds of Elias Canetti: Centenary Essays
  • ‘The Case of Murdoch and Canetti’, in Iris Murdoch: Influences
  • ‘Let Thy Moon Arise’: Friedl Benedikt (Anna Sebastian) Angermion: A Yearbook for Anglo-German Literary Criticism, Intellectual History and Cultural Transfers 5
  • ‘Reassessing Murdoch and Canetti’, in Iris Murdoch: Texts and Contexts
  • Iris Murdoch and Elias Canetti: Intellectual Allies